All Things Homemade

To get started on my homemade year, I’ve started making dishcloths for my kitchen. I also have a couple blankets in the making for those friends expecting babies this year and such. Crocheted ones are being planned as well for my girls so they can use them on their bed for the chilly nights.


This is also my year to pay my debt off so I’ve thought of ways to be thrifty in my house to help with spending less on things we don’t need. I’m trying my best to be one of those people who rely less on consumerism because who needs a house filled with things they don’t need? For example, I’m holding onto a laptop that is literally falling apart because it still works despite the screen barely attached. I would rather pay a credit card off first and then save for a luxury item I don’t need right away. Things in my house will get their full use before being replaced or bought. A new year, a new me.

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About alyhs04http://bigworldsmallmoments.wordpress.comCrafty momma of 2 and a slight nerd for anything Doctor Who, video games, and yarn.

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